Flash Word Search learning application

In a previous article, I announced a developer preview of the SWF Activity Module for Moodle 1.9. This is a brief announcement to developers who are interested in trying out the developer preview.

This Flash learning application generates word searches as activities in Moodle courses. The word searches are automatically generated are are unique every time a user interacts with them.

What does the word search do in Moodle?

  • It’s quick and easy to deploy
  • It’s fully integrated with Moodle
  • It’s XML driven
  • It pushes grades, elapsed time and feedback into Moodle’s grade book

Where can I download it from?

Download the Flash learning application called “xml_word_search.swf” from the SWF Activity Module project downloads page. There’s instructions and an example XML file that you can copy and paste on this SWF Activity Module project Wiki page.

Other possibilities…

A possible extension of this learning application is to use the SWF Activity Module’s AMFPHP Flash Remoting library to pull vocabulary lists from other database tables in Moodle, such as Wikis and Glossaries, or 3rd party web services such as on-line dictionaries and encyclopedias.