About Matt

Matt Bury

Elearning consultant, curriculum developer, software developer, second language acquisition, and online learning management and facilitation specialist.

  • Canadian permanent resident (in Guelph, near Toronto)
  • UK passport holder
  • No visa restrictions for working in the EU


  • eLearning Systems and Software Consultant
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) Administrator
  • ePortfolio Systems Administrator
  • Online & Blended Learning Curriculum Developer
  • Social Learning & Social Networking Systems Administrator
  • Flash Actionscript & PHP Software Developer
  • Moodle Plugin Module Developer
  • Formerly EFL & ESL Teacher, Senior Teacher, and Director of Studies
  • Formerly EFL & ESL Learning Resources & Curriculum Developer

Second Language Acquisition Influences

  • Stephen Krashen’s 5 Hypotheses of Second Language Acquisition
  • N. S. Prabhu’s Second Language Pedagogy (Task-Based Language Learning)
  • Michael Tomasello’s Usage-Based Theory of Language Acquisition
  • Gregg Thomson’s “Growing Participator Approach to Languaculture”
  • Elizabeth Bates’ and Brian MacWhinney’s Competition Model (and MacWhinney’s Unified Theory of Language Acquisition)

For a more extensive list of Second Language Acquisition influences, see: Second Language Acquisition

Learning and Teaching Theory and Practice Influences

  • Lev Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory
  • Alexei Leont’ev’s Activity Theory
  • Yrjö Engeström’s “Scandanavian” Activity Theory (Learning by Expanding)
  • Albert Bandura’s Observational Learning
  • Loris Malaguzzi’s Reggio Emilia Approach (Making Learning Visible)
  • Donald Schön’s, David Kolb’s and Graham Gibbs’ Reflective Practice
  • Malcolm Knowles’ Self-directed Learning
  • Stephen Brookfield’s Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning
  • Randy Garrison’s Communities of Inquiry
  • Étienne Wenger’s Communities of Practice
  • Jean Lave’s & John Seely-Brown’s Situated Cognition
  • Dave Snowden’s Complex Adaptive Systems

For a more extensive list of Learning and Teaching Theory and Practice influences, see: Learning


I’m also a member of the Socio Cultural Orientation to Language Acquisition Research (SCOLAR) group led by Merrill Swain and Marina Engelking. Meetings are held once a month at the University of Toronto and include tenured professors, Ph.Ds, MAs, teachers, and Ph.D and MA candidates.

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