Concept Map

Concept Map MILAConcept maps are similar to mind maps but allow learners greater freedom to draw and express their ideas. With this simple, easy to use application, learners can easily sketch, draw tables and venn diagrams, and add text. Learners can use this application to create concept maps, save them, and then use them as “learning artefacts” to facilitate discussions and “make sense” of their ideas (Social Constructionism).

Learner instructions

  • Draw coloured rectangles and ovals, draw coloured lines, write coloured text to illustrate and develop your ideas
  • Save your concept map and a copy is returned to you in a new browser window
  • Optionally, teachers can give grades and feedback about concept maps
  • Use the URL of the returned image to embed your concept maps in forums, wikis, glossaries, etc.

Free and open source

This particular application is free and open source which means that you can download the source code, examine it, edit it and create modified applications of your own. There’s no licensing fees or requirement to seek permission.

Known issues

The Concept map MILA sends the drawn image to a service script on your Moodle installation in /moodle/lib/amfphp/services/Snapshot.php. If the course files directory (moodledata) is not located on tha same server, and the relevant fwrite paths haven’t been correctly updated to reflect this, the images cannot be written there. Either your IT support will have to resolve this, or you’ll have to designate another alternative directory that it can write to.

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