Hangman MILAThe Hangman Multimedia Interactive Learning Application (MILA) is a classic hangman game generator. It generates hangman games from any word, idiom, phrase, sentence, or more. In hangman, the longer the expression is, the easier it is to guess. It displays the corresponding image and plays the audio at the end of each won or lost word, phrase, or sentence.

Learner instructions

  • Guess the vocabulary, phrases or sentences by typing letters
  • If you make more than 11 wrong guesses, you lose that round
  • At the end of each round the corresponding image is displayed and audio recording plays
  • Results are recorded in Moodle’s grade book

Matt’s MILAs demo course on Moodle

Live demos of all the MILAs shown on this site are available to try out. Click on the MILAs logo to go to the demo course on Matt’s R&D Moodle:


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