Look and describe

Look and describe MILAThe Look and describe Multimedia Interactive Learning Application (MILA) generates an activity where learners look at an image, listen to the audio, then write the appropriate phrase or sentence. The Listen and write application uses a real time traffic light colour coded feedback system to guide learners’ spelling; red for the wrong letter, amber for the right letter in the wrong position, and green for the right letter in the right position. It’s not case sensitive and ignores all punctuation except for apostrophes and hyphens so that it avoids the usual frustrations of automated dictations. They also have the option of listening to the audio slowed down but without altering the pitch (also known as time stretch). This gives the effect of someone talking slowly, making it possible for learners to hear natural pronunciation in greater detail. The order of the images and corresponding audio is shuffled each time the activity is played and learners only have to complete every sentence of phrase once per activity.

Learner instructions

  • Look at the image
  • Listen to the audio
  • Time stretched (slowed down) audio is also available
  • Write the word, phrase or sentence
  • Input text is colour coded (red, amber, green) in real time as learners type
  • Results are recorded in Moodle’s grade book

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