MILA Licences

How can I license MILAs for my course or website?

  • Licence for one MILA on one domain is currently €95 ($145 CAD).
  • Price applies to all MILAs unless stated otherwise.
  • Buy 8 licences for the price of 6 = €570 ($868 CAD).

How much is €95 in my currency? Check here:

What to do

  1. If you haven’t already done so, install the SWF Activity Module in your Moodle.
  2. Download and deploy the free Word search MILA with the Common Objects Learning Content Cartridge (LCC). They’re all available on the SWF Activity Module downloads page.
  3. Try the Word search MILA: Does the Common Objects vocabulary list load correctly? If so this means that MILAs can successfully access Moodle’s course files directories (moodledata). If not, please contact me and we can try to resolve the issue; There’s often an easy fix.
  4. If everything works correctly, you’re ready to order.
  5. Contact me (Matt Bury) and list which MILA(s) you want to license.
  6. Also list all the domains and subdomains you want to deploy the MILA(s) on. Each domain requires one licence (see terms and conditions below).
  7. When your order has been finalised (I’ll check with you to make sure all the details are correct as far as is reasonably possible), I’ll send you an invoice. You can pay by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer (You’ll have to bear the cost of international bank transfers).
  8. Once your payment has cleared, I’ll send you the details of where and how to download your MILA(s) from your personal cloud account on my server.
  9. You can upload your MILA(s) to your course files directories and start deploying them.

Please note: Some MILAs require Learning Content Cartridges, e.g. Common Objects, to work, i.e. they need resources loaded into them to generate the activities. MILA Learning Content Cartridges can also be licensed. They’re open format and the images, audio and any other multimedia files can be re-used and re-purposed throughout your courses. For example, in a Moodle Glossary: address book. Alternatively, you can use the Common Objects Learning Content Cartridge as a template to copy and edit new cartridges of your own. There’s a vast library of reusable multimedia available for free on Wikimedia Commons as well as other Open Educational Resources sites.

Terms and conditions for MILA licences

Licences for MILAs are sold under the following terms and conditions:

  • MILA licences are valid for 30 years with no recurring fees and no hidden extras.
  • MILA licences are sold on a per domain basis, which includes sub-domains. For example, is the same as,, etc. but not the same as You must provide a comprehensive list of the IP number, all the protocols, e.g. HTTP and HTTPS, and sub-domains you want the licensed MILAs to be deployed on so that the MILA(s) can operate under all these circumstances. http://localhost/ and https://localhost/ are included by default. Different Top Level Domains, e.g. .com, .net, .org,, and .edu, all count as one domain together but you must list them when finalising your order.
  • MILA licences cover the entire domain name(s) specified in the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) so MILAs and learning content cartridges can be used across multiple courses and multiple LMS’ (Learning Management Systems) without the need to purchase more licences.
  • MILA licences include standard updates, improvements and bug fixes.
  • MILA licences do not include Flash source code or FLA files.
  • The MILA support forum is free.
  • MILA licences do not include premium support. Premium support can be purchased as an extra service. In most cases, this is not necessary and support is best handled on the free support forums for all users’ benefit.
  • Licensed MILAs must not be accessible on the licensed domain without user login authentication. i.e. Users must be required to login to view MILAs. In the case of Moodle, this means in the course files directories outside the server’s public directory.
  • MILA licences do not include MILA learning content cartridges. Licences for cartridges can be bought separately or you can create your own.
  • MILA licences are not exclusive. Matt Bury may license the same MILAs to others.


Please verify that MILAs function correctly on your Moodle installation before purchasing licences. Server environments can vary greatly and although Matt Bury has done his best to ensure stability and reliability in as many cases as possible, he cannot guarantee that MILAs will function correctly on every server. To verify whether MILAs can function correctly on your server, try the free MILAs (Word search and Concept map) first, which do not require you to purchase a licence. If you have any problems, please contact Matt Bury and, in some cases, he may be able to help you to resolve the issue.

Local testing and development environments

I recommend using BitNami’s localhost LAMP, WAMP, and MAMP stacks for installing and testing Moodle and MILAs. Please see this article: Do you want to get started with Moodle? for details.

And finally…

These terms and conditions are to ensure that legitimate course content developers, teachers and learners can enjoy them to the full while protecting Matt Bury’s hard work from piracy, copyright theft, etc. Matt has developed these MILAs in the hope that they will enhance the efficacy, engagement and overall learning experience of everyone who uses them on your website. If you put MILAs in publicly accessible directories, they will be vulnerable to copyright theft and piracy. MILA licences are very reasonably priced and Matt would like to receive some reasonable compensation for the work he has put in.

© Matt Bury 2009. All MILAs and MILA Learning Content Cartridges have been created, developed and tested by Matt Bury.

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