MILAs Parameters

This is a Quick reference guide to MILAs parameters. MILAs behaviour and appearance can be adjusted by changing these parameters.

difficulty input paragraph shuffle size words xmlurl
Avatar camera
Concept map (Free!)
C-Test X X X
Hangman X
International Phonetic Alphabet X
Listen and read X
Listen and repeat X X
Listen and select X X
Listen and write X
Look and describe X X
Quick typing X X X
Word search (Free!) X X X

Parameter descriptions

Name Type Default Description
difficulty number 1 Time delay per letter of a word, phrase or sentence to be completed in the Quick typing MILA. Lower numbers, e.g. 0.9 result in shorter time, higher numbers, e.g. 1.1, result in longer time.
input boolean false Allows learners to copy and paste paragraphs or blocks of text into the C-Test MILA to automatically generate c-tests on the fly. When learners submit a c-test, the text used to generate it is also saved in Moodle’s grade book.
paragraph string null A block of text can be copied and pasted into the C-Test MILA to automatically generate a c-test.
shuffle boolean true Shuffle the order of correct answers. Any incorrect answers (distractors) will always be shuffled.
size int 20 The number of letters in the horizontal and vertical grid of the Word search MILA.
words CSV null A list of words and/or phrases, separated by commas (CSV = comma separated values), that the Word search MILA can use to generate word searches.
xmlurl string null The URL path to the learning interaction data, usually a MILA Learning Content Cartridge SMIL XML file. *Has a dedicated parameter with an integrated file picker on the SWF Activity Module instance configuration page.

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