Quick Typing

Quick Typing MILAThe Quick typing Multimedia Interactive Learning Application (MILA) generates activities where learners write, complete or re-write sentences, phrases or words against a countdown clock. It uses a real time traffic light colour coded feedback system that guides learners’ spelling; red for the wrong letter, amber for the right letter in the wrong position, and green for the right letter in the right position. Correctly completed words, phrases and sentences are displayed below in black and incorrect ones in red.

Learner instructions

  • Look at the example vocabulary, phrases or sentences
  • Read the given vocabulary, phrase or sentence
  • Re-write the vocabulary, phrase or sentence in the manner described
  • Input text is colour coded (red, amber, green) in real time as learners type
  • Each sentence is given a countdown time limit
  • Results are recorded in Moodle’s grade book

Cambridge FCE and CAE keyword sentence transformations

The Quick typing application is versatile and has many uses. It supports Cambridge FCE and CAE keyword sentence transformations (FCE Paper 3, Part 4; CAE Paper 3, Part 5), as well as verb conjugations, quizzes, gapfill, and complete/guess the sentence activities.

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