What services do I provide?

I help individuals, organisations, businesses, and institutions with their elearning needs. I prompt and ask questions to help clients explore, reflect, and discover the most appropriate platforms, tools, approaches, and solutions for themselves: I believe that nobody knows their particular circumstances, contexts, experience, knowledge, and skill sets better than the learners, teachers, curriculum developers, and academic admins who work within an organisation’s unique culture.

I view elearning community and curriculum development as an on-going process of developing positive, productive learning experiences rather than solving a problem with a product. With a strong technical and pedagogical background, I offer insights, options, and opportunities, and encourage organisations, teachers, and admins to autonomously implement effective and efficient elearning.

What value I bring to a project/programme?

Here’s Dave Snowden’s metaphor for the differences between an experienced, informed practitioner with a coherent theoretical foundation, and just a practitioner:

“There’s far too much tendency… …to focus on recipes and not chefs. Now let me make that difference. If you want somebody to cook a meal for you and you employ a recipe book user… …they will, first of all, want to re-engineer your kitchen to match their ideal spec. You will pay for that. They will then arrange all of the ingredients in the appropriate sized bowls and then they will follow the recipe and, providing nothing unusual happens, you’ll get a reasonably competent meal. On the other hand, if the chef comes into your kitchen, he’ll make a wonderful meal with whatever you just happen to have lying around. And the reason the chef can do that is that they have a theoretical knowledge of taste which means they know when they can break the rules and when they have to conform to them. But they also have what Aristotle called pernesis; the first is sophia, the knowledge to reflect, the second is they have knowledge at their fingertips because they’ve actually learnt by doing.”

— Dave Snowden, CSO of Cognitive Edge, speaking at the ALE conference in Berlin, 2011