Software development

PHP logoActionscript logoDo you need or want a learning activity or resource? Need to integrate apps or activities with Moodle? Can’t find the solution you’re looking for? Perhaps I can help.

I write elearning software using best practices and wherever possible using free and open source integrated development environments. I mostly work with Actionscript (Flash apps) and do some work in PHP (Moodle, Mahara, Elgg, WordPress, etc.). Over the years, I’ve developed a number of free and open source apps and plugins.

Currently maintained projects

The following projects are free and open source:

I’ve also developed a suite of Multimedia Interactive Learning Apps (MILAs), which are Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) apps, available to license.

Past projects

I’ve developed projects for multimedia elearning programmes for:

Forward compatibility and maintainability

Wherever possible, I use free and open source integrated development environments (IDEs). This gives my clients greater control and autonomy over their software projects. If they require additional developers and/or content contributors as projects expand or diversify, there are fewer barriers, compatibility issues, and more opportunities to work together creatively and productively.

  • Free and open source projects are structured with openness, collaboration and compatibility in mind, rather than the typical “vendor lock-in” strategies of proprietary IDEs.
  • Anyone with the appropriate software know-how and experience can collaborate on projects without having to buy expensive “per seat” proprietary licences.
  • Projects are forwardly and backwardly compatible, i.e. they don’t depend on having a particular version of a proprietary IDE.
  • They make it easier to follow best coding practices and keep processes and code structure more transparent, independently maintainable, and re-usable.