Workshops and training

Every learning and teaching organisation has its own unique culture and its members; admins, teachers, curriculum developers, and learners; have their own unique knowledge, skills, experiences, beliefs, and attitudes. Generalised, one-size-fits-all solutions tend to only be productive in a relatively small number of cases.

What workshops and training can offer:

    • Speed up the process of familiarising admins, teachers, curriculum developers, and learners with all aspects of online learning.
    • Enable an organisation’s own teachers and curriculum developers to develop, maintain, and implement courses that effectively meet the specific needs of the organisation and its learners and the organisation’s unique culture.
    • Build awareness of the key differences between face to face and online learning and teaching and how to manage them effectively.
    • Guided discovery of tools, techniques, strategies, and methods for developing effective, efficient elearning activities and how they can relate to learning objectives, curricula, and learners’ needs.Learn when and how online learning activities can present advantages over face to face classes.
    • In blended learning contexts, build awareness of how elearning can influence classroom practice and vice versa, leading to a co-evolution of complementary curricula.
    • Overcome technical and practical obstacles to implementing elearning effectively.
    • Learn strategic, gradual, less disruptive ways to introduce and implement elearning in organisations.
    • Find out the underlying theory and practice behind popular buzzwords such as “flipped classrooms.”
    • Build awareness of and approach ethical issues in working and studying on online environments such as intellectual property, the right to privacy, monitoring and managing workloads, dealing with grievances and complaints, etc.
    • Help your organisation to become experts at elearning!