Help us celebrate the success of Moodle with Martin!

Below is a copy of Richard Samson’s forum post, inviting the Moodle community to share and celebrate in Martin’s and Moodle’s success. Martin Dougiamas was the developer and founder of the original Moodle and a strong free and open source software advocate. Brent Simpson characterised him as “the right person with the right personality appears at the exactly the right time; Martin Dougiamas is the Linus Torvalds of the LMS world and his software is the Linux of this software.” (Simpson, 2004)

Here is the copy of the forum post:

Help us celebrate the success of Moodle with Martin!

Thanks Martin!“It’s thirteen years since Moodle started and in that time it has changed the educational landscape all over the world and created new and exciting opportunities for millions of teachers and students.

Help us celebrate these achievements by circulating details of the following activities:

  1. Award of an honorary doctorate from UVic-UCC to Moodle’s founder and leader Martin Dougiamas.

  2. Say a personal thank-you to Martin on our video blog page. Don’t wait until the last minute!

  3. Check out the Martin in Barcelona page to get the latest details of events while Martin is in Catalonia (30 – 31 March).

  4. And please feel free to send other suggestions to us.

Hashtag: #thanksmartin

Web:” (Samson, 2016)