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    The SWF Activity Module is a Moodle plugin for deploying multimedia Flash learning apps, also known as Flash templates. Teachers and course content developers can use the SWF Activity Module to deploy any Flash apps, including but not limited to those that use external data and media in order to function correctly. It also allows Flash apps to communicate with Moodle for purposes such as passing learners' grades into Moodle's grade book.

    Multimedia Interactive Learning Apps (MILAs) are a suite of apps written in Flash that integrate seamlessly with Moodle with the SWF Activity Module plugin and generate learning activities, quizzes and games from external multimedia files, and record results in Moodle's grade book.

    Displays multimedia HTML5 presentations and slide shows in users' web browsers. A web friendly and more feature rich alternative to MS PowerPoint and PDF. However, presentations must be uploaded to moodledata via FTP and you'll need to learn some basic HTML to create presentations for it.

    Instructional Consulting is proud to present Dr. Curt Bonk, Professor in Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, in a video series addressing the design and best practices of Distance Education courses. Each of the 27 videos are about 10 minutes long and are accompanied by useful resources.

    In this course you will raise your awareness of which presentation skills are most salient and important to you and your classmates. You will work collaboratively through a series of learning activities where you will assess presentations from 3rd party sources (e.g. TED Talks, Ignite, & Vimeo) as well as recording and submitting your own presentations and assessing each others'. You will develop your awareness of what makes interesting, compelling, meaningful, persuasive presentations and how you can give them.

    Action Read is a Community Literacy Centre in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. They offer adults help with reading, writing, math, GED preparation, upgrading and computers. They offer family literacy programs to parents and caregivers with children ages 0 to 6. All their programs are free and confidential.