Google Maps API

I’ve been playing around with Google Maps API for Flash. I’ve maintained all the usual controls that we expect from Google maps and I’ve added a search bar which accesses Google’s Geocode web service to convert addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates and then find those locations on the map.

Of course, it would be relatively easy to add a list of addresses either from an external XML data file or by accessing a custom database, so that users can quickly and easily find specific addresses without having to search for them themselves.

One advantage of Flash over regular web pages is that we can use full screen mode, whereby Flash Player takes over the entire user’s screen. Ideal for map-reading. Click on the “Full Screen Off” button on the bottom right to enter/exit full screen mode. Please note that in full screen mode, Flash Player disables the majority of keyboard input.  You can also exit full screen mode by pressing the escape key.

[Flash Player is no longer supported in your browser]