What’s SMIL and why should we use it?

OK, here comes a geeky article about elearning and data management best practices. Although the issues are very technical in nature, they require the support of well-informed management so that the most appropriate decisions can be made. Understanding these issues from the outset can save you or your organisation a lot of time, effort and… Continue reading What’s SMIL and why should we use it?

Making e-learning resources relevant

E-learning resources have a number of advantages over book and paper based resources. In this article, I’m going to write about one in particular: the importance of being able to edit the resources that you use with learners. This article focuses directly on resources for learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as… Continue reading Making e-learning resources relevant

SCORM: The Pros and Cons

  With e-learning becoming more widely adopted by schools, universities, governments and private companies for their educational and training needs, SCORM has become the de facto format. But should we really be adopting it? What is SCORM? SCORM, or the Sharable Content Object Reference Model, is a widely used web standard for e-learning interactions. It… Continue reading SCORM: The Pros and Cons