Good quality video

  This article is a follow-up to my post, “Good quality audio”. Here, I’ll give a few tips aimed at new-comers to recording video for the web and how to get the best results. I’m assuming that, as a new-comer, you have very basic, low-budget equipment or are about to buy or borrow some. Obviously,… Continue reading Good quality video

Google Wave

Another revolution in the way we communicate and interact with each other on the web. Google may have done it yet again. Introducing… Google Wave! What is it? It’s difficult to explain. The Google developers’ way of describing it is to ask the question, “What would e-mail look like if it were invented today?” It’s… Continue reading Google Wave & Pearson buddy up

Reuters announced on Wednesday 11th March of this year that and Pearson Education Publishing (owners of Longman Publishing) have teamed up to provide a English as a Foreign Language e-learning service marketed directly to consumers. What is It’s essentially a social networking website, similar to Facebook, for example (it evens includes a Facebook linking… Continue reading & Pearson buddy up

Good quality audio

What’s the best way to record audio and achieve professional sounding results? It’s not as expensive or as difficult as you might think. For the average Podcaster or for dialogues and presentations, it’s relatively easy to get set up and start producing high quality audio material like a radio station. Let me explain some of… Continue reading Good quality audio

SCORM: The Pros and Cons

  With e-learning becoming more widely adopted by schools, universities, governments and private companies for their educational and training needs, SCORM has become the de facto format. But should we really be adopting it? What is SCORM? SCORM, or the Sharable Content Object Reference Model, is a widely used web standard for e-learning interactions. It… Continue reading SCORM: The Pros and Cons

OUP EFL/ESL On-Line Resources

Oxford University Press is the biggest university press in the world (Cambridge University Press is the second). It publishes an impressive catalogue of EFL/ESL course books that are used is academies, schools and universities and by individuals around the globe. Over the last year or so they’ve been very busy creating a complementary set of… Continue reading OUP EFL/ESL On-Line Resources

Google Maps API

I’ve been playing around with Google Maps API for Flash. I’ve maintained all the usual controls that we expect from Google maps and I’ve added a search bar which accesses Google’s Geocode web service to convert addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates and then find those locations on the map. Of course, it would be… Continue reading Google Maps API


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