Moodle SWF Activity Module developer preview

OK, this is going to be a very techie post as it’s aimed exclusively at developers who are interested in integrating Flash and Moodle. If you’ve never written a line of computer code, then this article will most probably bore you to death! What is the SWF Activity Module? The SWF Activity Module deploys Flash… Continue reading Moodle SWF Activity Module developer preview

Google Wave is out!

In a previous article, I wrote about a new web communication protocol being developed by Google called Google Wave. Well, five months later,  I finally have my Google Wave developer’s preview invitation and I can start creating waves and experimenting with my very own account. Embedded in this article below is a Wave hosted on… Continue reading Google Wave is out!

Social networking for EFL/ESL

In this article, I’m going to discuss the relevance of social networking to learners of English, some of the developments in learning English as a foreign/second language on-line and how this might shape the future of e-learning and learning management systems for EFL/ESL. So much to learn, so little time to learn it. For learners… Continue reading Social networking for EFL/ESL

Students adore Moodle

I’ve just read this post by Phil Shapiro on his blog. He certainly lays lavish praise on Martin Dougiamas‘ brainchild and life’s work, an LMS (learning management system) called Moodle. Read the article here. Update Here’s a global map of Moodle sites and list of links to them. Here’s a set of bar graphs… Continue reading Students adore Moodle

Google Wave

Another revolution in the way we communicate and interact with each other on the web. Google may have done it yet again. Introducing… Google Wave! What is it? It’s difficult to explain. The Google developers’ way of describing it is to ask the question, “What would e-mail look like if it were invented today?” It’s… Continue reading Google Wave & Pearson buddy up

Reuters announced on Wednesday 11th March of this year that and Pearson Education Publishing (owners of Longman Publishing) have teamed up to provide a English as a Foreign Language e-learning service marketed directly to consumers. What is It’s essentially a social networking website, similar to Facebook, for example (it evens includes a Facebook linking… Continue reading & Pearson buddy up