Book review: ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University

ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University By Gary Rosenzweig This is another belated book review. I can’t remember exactly when I bought this but it was quite a while ago. This is a great book. Well written, clearly explained and full of good tips and advice. It covers a range of different types of games including… Continue reading Book review: ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University

Book review: ActionScript 3.0 Animation

Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation: Making things move! By Keith Peters OK, this is a belated review. I bought this as an ebook when it was published in April 2007. This is by far the best book, or even tutorials, I’ve ever read for animation in ActionScript 3.0. It’s clear, concise and very well paced, taking… Continue reading Book review: ActionScript 3.0 Animation

Good quality audio

What’s the best way to record audio and achieve professional sounding results? It’s not as expensive or as difficult as you might think. For the average Podcaster or for dialogues and presentations, it’s relatively easy to get set up and start producing high quality audio material like a radio station. Let me explain some of… Continue reading Good quality audio

Interactive 3D Fun

3D Graphics and animation are becoming more and more widely used in Flash. In an e-learning context this becomes especially useful where examining and interacting with 3D models has a specific learning objective, especially in the sciences, such as models of molecules. [Flash Player is no longer supported in your browser] OK, I admit it:… Continue reading Interactive 3D Fun

Dictations made easy!

Dictations are a very difficult activity to get right. Traditional computer based dictations are usually a quite awkward, unhelpful and ultimately frustrating experience to say the least. The idea of this learning application is for it to be more of an enjoyable exploratory, learning activity than a listening test. So far it has been my… Continue reading Dictations made easy!

SCORM: The Pros and Cons

  With e-learning becoming more widely adopted by schools, universities, governments and private companies for their educational and training needs, SCORM has become the de facto format. But should we really be adopting it? What is SCORM? SCORM, or the Sharable Content Object Reference Model, is a widely used web standard for e-learning interactions. It… Continue reading SCORM: The Pros and Cons

New SWF Activity Module under development

The most widely used and accepted platform for e-learning today is Adobe Flash. It brings the full power of multimedia (images, audio, video, text and animation) and dynamic interactivity to your computer. The most widely used open source platform for hosting and deploying e-learning resources is Moodle. Respectively, both platforms offer all the functionality you… Continue reading New SWF Activity Module under development

New FLV Player Module for Moodle

Relates to: Moodle, SWFObject, JW FLV Player I’ve spent quite some time experimenting with video in Moodle. I’ve been looking for a reliable way to deploy video as an e-learning resource that will work across all platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OSX and Linux. So far, the most widely accepted video format has been… Continue reading New FLV Player Module for Moodle

Flash Remoting

Flash Remoting has been getting a lot of attention from developers in recent months. But what is it and why should we care? In a nutshell, Flash Remoting is a way to let Flash applications on your computer ( i.e. in a browser such as Internet Explorer and Firefox or an AIR desktop application) communicate… Continue reading Flash Remoting